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Police visit Northside Community Church, Harare – and leave with more than they bargained for – 4 Jun 08

June 12, 2008

10 members of the police/CIO arrived after church with a search warrant for “arms of war”. Sarah had been talking about the armour of God and being prepared for battle and I mentioned we were at war here and that God had given us 2 weapons with which to fight. We think it may have been mis-interpreted.
They spent an hour searching every room, box, cupboard and other things. I told them I only had one weapon in my office. They got very excited and asked if I had a licence. I said my licence was that I was a “mufundisi” – a reverend.



Avondale Parish update – 30 May 08

June 12, 2008

On Friday 23 May 2008 some men allegedly from Kunonga arrived and demanded the keys for the Avondale Parish Office. The Parish Administrator refused to hand them over so they put a chain and padlock on the door. On Saturday they also demanded the keys for the staff houses on the church property, but fortunately Chris Mukwenha told them that the houses were for the staff. Two weeks previously the same people had gone to the church office to ask who lived on the premises and the Administrator told them the staff. The previous Friday they had also demanded the Dean’s car but were denied access to it. (more…)

The events of Lady Day 2008 celebrated on 19 April 2008 at St Michael’s Mbare – The Times – 23 Apr 08

June 12, 2008

This might not look like the average Mothers’ Union meeting as we know them in Britain, but in terms of peacefulness, good works, child-centredness and Christian goodness, the Mothers’ Union branch in Harare is no different from its UK counterparts. Having known more hardship, its members are probably even more good than the unsung English stalwarts who keep the churches here upright in every sense. There can be no true explanation then for why, shortly after this photograph was taken, this meeting was broken up by Zimbabwe riot police. (more…)

Ruth Bakare’s speech at Lady Day – 19th April 2008 celebrated at St Michael’s, Mbare

June 12, 2008

Speech at Lady Day – 19th April 2008 at St Michael’s Mbare
(delayed due to elections)
Theme: “You are my witnesses” – Isa 43: 1-2 and 10
The theme for our Maria Day comes from the book of the prophet Isaiah in the OT. During these times of uncertainty and manifold challenges in our life as a church and a nation, the Bible seems to have come alive to us in a new way. At his installation the Bishop spoke about Nehemiah and his vision of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and especially the temple. The Bishop invited us all to be Nehemiahs and rebuild our Diocese of Harare. Those of you who have taken the time to read the book of Nehemiah, will have discovered that it has a lot to tell us about the situation we find ourselves in in 2008 in Harare Diocese.

Palm Sunday update from All Saints, Marondera – 17 Mar 08

June 12, 2008

We had Fr Simba Mutandwa take our Palm Sunday service here at Borradaile Trust, and what a joyful and fun occasion it was – Penny Went (who cared for Canon Richard Holderness up at Chokwa) did a great job in organising all the old ‘toppies’ with the procession and the subsequent congregation participation in the reading of the Passion.

Reports on events at the Anglican Cathedral on Sun 17 Feb 08, from a Warden

June 12, 2008


My name is Sekai Joyce Chibaya and I am the Churchwarden at the Cathedral of St Mary and All Saints. I arrived at the Cathedral at approximately 12:10 to start [to] prepare for our 12:30 service. I phoned the Deputy Sheriff Mr. Zimbiti to just locate where he was. There were about sixty odd people already waiting outside to get into the church at the corner of Nelson Mandela and Second Street. (more…)

Report from All Saints, Marondera – 10 Feb 08

June 12, 2008

At All Saints Marondera this morning, Fr. Simba celebrated and we had a joyful Eucharist, with the ‘threat’ of Mr. Harry Rinashe (supposed to the our ‘bishop’ ) from Borrowdale coming, but either he did not come or came and left. (more…)

Report on the enthronement of Bishop Bakare – 4 Feb 08

June 12, 2008

We woke to a beautiful sunny day and praised the Lord for his goodness. When we arrived at the City Sports Centre around 9:15am the car park was already full of buses and cars and people were streaming into the Sports Centre. The Security and Usher teams were in force provided by the Youth and the Bernard Mizeki Guild. They had name cards identifying them and some had sashes as well. The choirs were in magnificent voice and the noise emanating from the inside was wonderful to hear. (more…)

Enthronement and installation of Bishop Bakare: Proprosed programme – 3 Feb 08

June 12, 2008

Herewith a programme for the Bishop’s enthronement this coming Sunday. The Bishop would like as many people as possible to give their support even if it is only for a short period of the day. We understand that people come and go all throughout the ceremonies so even a short attendance will show support and solidarity. 
There will be a combined service at the City Sports Centre at 1000 hours on Sunday 3 February 2008. All parishioners welcome to attend. (more…)

Report of Christchurch Borrowdale services – 20 Jan 08

June 12, 2008

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Herewith mine to members of Christchurch and others. This is a reply from one of our staff from the Mufakose parish. I had a similar report from one of our Branch managers from the Waterfalls parish. He says their priest (Kunonga faction) was not present.
Our service at Christchurch was unbelievable and the parishioners were as one. Another major step to getting back full time into the church. (more…)