Report of Christchurch Borrowdale services – 20 Jan 08

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Herewith mine to members of Christchurch and others. This is a reply from one of our staff from the Mufakose parish. I had a similar report from one of our Branch managers from the Waterfalls parish. He says their priest (Kunonga faction) was not present.
Our service at Christchurch was unbelievable and the parishioners were as one. Another major step to getting back full time into the church.

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It was a blessed Sunday to us at ST LUKE’S MUFAKOSE because we had a new priest. Our service started at about 9.30am. The police came and they wanted to pick [up] our new priest and they were chased by our new wardens. We had a good service and people were singing songs which made the Kunonga priest to stand by the door until the end of service. Our next service will be at 11.00am at same place.


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Dear All,

As you will see from the article below, the court ruled on Saturday afternoon that we could all share the church premises and so a time was allocated to us.

The bush telegraph went out Saturday evening and we ALL attended OUR service at 10.45. Well it should have been 10.45am but [Rinashe] deliberately delayed his service where only his family members attended. Anyway by 11.30 we got under way and we had the most fantastic servivce. Everybody was so thrilled to be back in OUR church that with the music and the English and Shona choirs the roof nearly took off.

 Keep praying for us please.

From The Sunday Mail, 20 January

Church to share premises
Sunday Mail Reporter

[media report already circulated omitted]


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