Report from All Saints, Marondera – 10 Feb 08

At All Saints Marondera this morning, Fr. Simba celebrated and we had a joyful Eucharist, with the ‘threat’ of Mr. Harry Rinashe (supposed to the our ‘bishop’ ) from Borrowdale coming, but either he did not come or came and left.
He has demanded that we act according to the court order and let his congregation (of one probably, we cannot think of anyone else) worship at 8:00 next Sunday while the  200-300 others worship at 11:00! Fr. Simba feels we should comply, especially as the ONE is causing him uphill with all the Party bigwigs here, claiming to the latter that our priest has made the Church into a ‘playground’ of the MDC, probably on the grounds that we have a few whites worshipping here.  So Simba invited the CIO to come to the services and see for themselves if any politics is talked about, and to confirm that we pray weekly for  the state president. 
No one can see how Rinashe will establish a ‘diocese’ here, with the very little support that Kunonga has. Also, the Chiota congregation had, apparently, been kept in ignorance of the correspondence from the CPCA by their planted priest, and Fr. Simba put them in the picture last week. They are, understandably, a bit fed up at not being allowed to vote which way to go.
Please treat this information with some caution, as it is all second-hand from Fr. Simba, and misunderstandings CAN arise. But we are definitely having to postpone our services, which very inconvenient for many. Fr. Simba said “until the situation returns to normal”.
Blessings on you all, and we were delighted to hear how well the enthronement went .. I had duties here at Peterhouse, and was sad to miss it.  ODDLY, no report in the Herald, at least I have not seen any.



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