Police visit Northside Community Church, Harare – and leave with more than they bargained for – 4 Jun 08

10 members of the police/CIO arrived after church with a search warrant for “arms of war”. Sarah had been talking about the armour of God and being prepared for battle and I mentioned we were at war here and that God had given us 2 weapons with which to fight. We think it may have been mis-interpreted.
They spent an hour searching every room, box, cupboard and other things. I told them I only had one weapon in my office. They got very excited and asked if I had a licence. I said my licence was that I was a “mufundisi” – a reverend.

This confused them. I then showed them my weapon, a cupboard full of Bibles and asked them if they would like one.
They all said yes, so they came looking for weapons of war and they left with God’s Word. I told them if they read the Bible it would change their lives. When they finished I asked them if they would let us pray for them. They said we could pray, they wouldn’t. So I got some of my young people to pray for them and then I prayed and I think they left as friends.
Keep on praying. We are not fighting against flesh and blood here. This is a real scheme of the devil and he is on the rampage. In a way it is encouraging that the devil considers Zimbabwe worthy of destroying. There must be something here he does not like.
As we continue to see people beaten and displaced all over Zimbabwe the response of the Zimbabwean people is truly amazing. People of all colours and background are giving generously and caring for one another. People are giving to those in need, people are caring for one another. It is a pity it took the current crisis to bring this out, but the positive is that our people have responded so magnificently.
God bless, Gary Cross


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