Palm Sunday update from All Saints, Marondera – 17 Mar 08

We had Fr Simba Mutandwa take our Palm Sunday service here at Borradaile Trust, and what a joyful and fun occasion it was – Penny Went (who cared for Canon Richard Holderness up at Chokwa) did a great job in organising all the old ‘toppies’ with the procession and the subsequent congregation participation in the reading of the Passion.
After the service Simba told me that All Saints was full of Zanu PF people who we assume were gathered together by Beavan Gundu for the consecration and enthroning of the ‘Bishop of Marondera’ (Harry Rinashe). When Simba left his house at approximately 9.15 a.m. to come to Borradaile, their service hadn’t started (their time is 7.30 am) and they were supposedly meant to be finished by 11 a.m. when the All Saints Palm Sunday service was meant to commence. I have since spoken to one of the ladies who went to the service, which eventually started at about 11.30 and she mentioned that the church was full of Zanu PF youth which had been shipped in on 2 lorries and there was also a Zanu PF vehicle which had brought a representative from the President’s office.
We are concerned about our rector and his family as well as our little church which Rinashe is now claiming as “his cathedral”.
I just thought your mailing list may be interested in what is going on here.
Yours in Christ’s service


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