Enthronement and installation of Bishop Bakare: Proprosed programme – 3 Feb 08

Herewith a programme for the Bishop’s enthronement this coming Sunday. The Bishop would like as many people as possible to give their support even if it is only for a short period of the day. We understand that people come and go all throughout the ceremonies so even a short attendance will show support and solidarity. 
There will be a combined service at the City Sports Centre at 1000 hours on Sunday 3 February 2008. All parishioners welcome to attend.PROPOSED PROGRAMME:
0800-0930 – Arrival and seating of parishioners
Bays 1-11 reserved for parishioners
Toilets in Bays 2,6,12
Choirs will be in Bays 13,14 and 15
First Aid Posts: Bay 3
0915-0930 Arrival dignitaries, distinguished guests from other denominations, etc.
1000 Commencement service with Procession of Bishops – each announced by name
1000-1200 Holy Eucharist. Service ASB 1980
Parishes to send priests, deacons, sub-deacons and servers to assist. To be seated in Bay 16 behind the altar.
Holy Communion will be by intention with the elements being distributed by priests and deacons. The Ushers will guide people which way to go to receive. There will be an Offertory.
To provide 2 chalices, 2 ciboriums (marked), 2 bottles wine and 200 wafers.
Green vestments, etc. at City Sports Stadium and White at the Cathedral.
1200-1230 Speeches and messages and receipt of gifts.
Each parish to send a message of achievement/solidarity with the Diocese by Wednesday (30 Jan 08) to the office at St Luke’s Greendale.
1230-1400 LUNCH and walk or drive to the Cathedral if you so wish.
Only a very limited number of people will be able to get into the Cathedral. Parishioners to take their own packed lunch as for visits to Bernard Mzeki Shrine plus some extra for those without.
Mothers Union may sell food items to raise money but must register with the Security Committee at St Luke’s Church by Wednesday.
The Bishops and dignitaries (about 100) will be served with lunch at the Cathedral. Food items requested for this to be delivered to St Luke’s by Wednesday OR gift of money to assist with purchase of needed items. Excess donations will be given to the needy e.g., orphanages, etc.
Priests, deacons, sub-deacons, Wardens and Council Members – invited to the Cathedral
1530 Tea to be provided by Cathedral Mothers Union. (Assistance with food will be appreciated.)
Evening: Small cocktail party for Bishops, Standing Committee, etc. and Invited Guests.
1. Rehearsal for choirs at 2:00pm on Saturday at City Sports Stadium. Rehearsal for deacons, sub-deacons, servers at the same time and venue.
2. A hearing will be held on Monday for case brought against Dr Kunonga for contempt of court for his behaviour on Sunday 20 January at the Cathedral.
3. Churches need to try to make an arrangement with the other faction for service times while they are also establishing the exact interpretation of the ninety minutes after the service stated in the judgement handed down by Judge President Makarau on 19 January 2008.
4. Mothers Union:  Lady Day – Date to be announced.
$20 million per parish and $50 million for Mothers Union present to be paid by end of February. Contact Mrs Manyau at St Michael’s Church Mbare for further details. Would also appreciate donations of food.


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