Churches set up £50,000 relief fund for Zimbabwe Anglicans – Christian Today – 11 Mar 08

An emergency fund has been set up to support the work of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe as it re-establishes its mission and ministry following changes in the leadership of Harare Diocese.
Church leaders in the region have appointed Bishop Sebastian Bakare as Bishop of Harare to succeed the discredited Bishop Nolbert Kunonga.
However, the outgoing leader has not relinquished control of diocesan accounts, which has made it impossible for Bishop Bakare to pay clergy and church workers.
The new emergency fund will cover stipends for clergy and other essential ministries in the diocese while Bishop Bakare endeavours to bring the administration of the diocese back on track.The Dioceses of Southwark and Rochester, which are both companion link dioceses with Zimbabwe, have teamed up with Lambeth Palace, the Mothers’ Union and the Anglican mission agency USPG to provide interim support.
Together, they hope to set up a fund worth £50,000, which will be administered by USPG.
The Rev Canon Chad Gandiya, USPG’s Regional Desk Officer for Africa, said: “The fund will initially run for one year to allow Harare Diocese to get back on its feet and move towards self-sufficiency once again. This kind of support is essential to ensure confidence in the new direction the church is travelling.”
The need for a fund emerged during a recent visit of Bishop Bakare to the UK, during which he was warmly received by the General Synod.
Setting up the fund follows significant work done in recent months with all dioceses in Zimbabwe to strengthen their capacity to minister effectively during the current political and economic crisis.
Canon Gandiya said: “We are seeking donations to the fund from anyone interested in bringing stability to the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe as it seeks to bring hope, reconciliation and peace to a troubled and divided society.”
For more information about the fund, contact Canon Edgar Ruddock, USPG’s International Relations Director, on 020 7378 5674 or
To make a donation using a credit or debit card, please contact USPG’s Supporter Care Team on 0845 273 1701.


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