Avondale Parish update – 30 May 08

On Friday 23 May 2008 some men allegedly from Kunonga arrived and demanded the keys for the Avondale Parish Office. The Parish Administrator refused to hand them over so they put a chain and padlock on the door. On Saturday they also demanded the keys for the staff houses on the church property, but fortunately Chris Mukwenha told them that the houses were for the staff. Two weeks previously the same people had gone to the church office to ask who lived on the premises and the Administrator told them the staff. The previous Friday they had also demanded the Dean’s car but were denied access to it.On Wednesday morning the Dean Rev. Mutamiri was able to get a locksmith to unlock the chain. He had spoken to some officials who have told him that what is being carried out is illegal, and that if they come again, he should refer them to the police station to lay a charge.They will also be investigating who has given the orders and why, as all this is contrary to the judgement handed down by Judge Makarau on 19 January 2008 and the Assets issue that is still pending in the courts. Our lawyer will file a Contempt of Court against Kunonga.
We do not know when these cases will be heard, but every effort is being made to expedite them.
The police have assisted with some issues, but appear to be hindered by orders from above in helping on all occasions. We are grateful for the support received from the police when they have tried to aid us as they are in a difficult situation too. The current Member-in-Charge at Avondale is a parishioner of St Michael’s Church, Mbare and has attended an 11:30 service at Avondale.
The police have also stopped us having the 11:30 Shona Service at the church on the basis of “orders from above”, again in contravention of Judge Makarau’s judgement. This last Sunday the congregation went to Avondale Kindergarten School after having met at the church. This arrangement however is costing Z$5 billion a month (for May) and an additional payment to the caretaker for opening the school and putting out the chairs. The chairs are also small and insufficient and we had to transport some from the church and Timothy got into trouble from Chris Mukwenha for taking church property off the premises.
We have managed to hold the 11:15 Prayer Book service in the “little church” at Avondale without any problems, although the Church Warden has been called out of the services by the police on two occasions because of the Shona service taking place in the big church. The 11:15 Prayer Book service will continue to be held on the first and third Sunday of every month. The 6:00pm service has also gone ahead without any problems as well as the Wednesday Healing Service at 10:00am and the Men’s Prayers in the church hall every Tuesday evening.
We are appreciative of the support and prayers of our parishioners and ask that you continue to pray for the church and Diocese, and especially for Bishop Bakare and all the office staff.
We are also looking for property that we can rent for the Bishop so that he is not hassled in this way again. Ideally a house with sufficient rooms for office accommodation would be welcome. If anyone knows of property that is available, please contact the church office or Trish McKenzie on 723141 or
Thank you.


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